Hello, I'm Josh Hamman, an established and dedicated IT professional with a passion for the outdoors, squirrels, oh and also web design and development,

Bringing decades of illustration, animation, and web development together

Currently I am employed as a Product Lead for WillowTree where I have been working with agile teams to create web and mobile apps. (Exactly as exciting as it sounds) My role spans multiple disciplines from requirements gathering, creating and maintaining a project backlog, working directly with client stakeholders to understand their needs and desires.

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PerformX Incentive Platform

Make the Form Faster

Agile full stack web based employee incentive software. I played a critical role across multiple instances of the 'platform', being called on to learn, master, and then teach a proprietary development language.

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The Batman Challenge by OnStar

Holy Webisodes

OnStar licensed Batman and the Batmobile to promote their services across a variety of media. I was lucky enough to be working at their digital agency at the time, and played a pivotal role in the online campaign.

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Plan | Design | Animate | Develop

Pure Michigan Vacation Planner

Choose Your Own Adventure

Pure Michigan is always a fun account to work with. They wanted a fun micro-site that would encourage travel to some of Michigan's most beautiful towns.

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Steam Punk Wedding Design

Why is there an Octopus near the gift table?

I never thought I would enjoy wedding planning, but creating and designing my wedding was fun project. From the printed pieces to the center pieces I crafted a cohesive steam punk themed story.

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