Hello, I'm Josh Hamman, an established and dedicated IT professional with a passion for the outdoors, squirrels, oh and also web design and development,

Bringing decades of illustration, animation, and web development together

Currently I am employed as a Team Lead for Persistent Systems where I have been working with an Agile team to create enterprise level employee incentive and recognition software. (Exactly as exciting as it sounds) My role spans multiple disciplines from front end development using HTML, SASS, Typescript, Node JS, etc, to training and managing a team of off-shore resources, tracking progress and conducting code reviews.

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PerformX Incentive Platform

Make the Form Faster

Agile full stack web based employee incentive software. I played a critical role across multiple instances of the 'platform', being called on to learn, master, and then teach a proprietary development language.

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The Batman Challenge by OnStar

Holy Webisodes

OnStar licensed Batman and the Batmobile to promote their services across a variety of media. I was lucky enough to be working at their digital agency at the time, and played a pivotal role in the online campaign.

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Pure Michigan Vacation Planner

Choose Your Own Adventure

Pure Michigan is always a fun account to work with. They wanted a fun micro-site that would encourage travel to some of Michigan's most beautiful towns.

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Steam Punk Wedding Design

Why is there an Octopus near the gift table?

I never thought I would enjoy wedding planning, but creating and designing my wedding was fun project. From the printed pieces to the center pieces I crafted a cohesive steam punk themed story.

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